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Road Carnage is Not a Focus of Political Concern

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On Friday June 24th, 2016, shortly after 9:45 pm on Toronto’s Highway 400 just south of Sheppard Avenue West, 12 vehicles, three of which were tractor-trailers crashed into one another in the southbound lanes.  A fire engulfed one of the tractor-trailers and two of the other vehicles.  Four people were killed.

When the Self-Driving Car Makes a Mistake

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Recently, Road Rules prefaced an article about the ethical issues raised by self-driving cars by noting their potential to almost eliminate crashes.  Lately we have been reminded in the most dramatic way possible of this need for qualification by news of the first fatality in a vehicle being piloted autonomously.

The Autonomous Vehicle Making Moral Decisions

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Self-driving cars, also called autonomous vehicles (AVs) will smooth the flow of traffic which, in turn, will reduce collective power train energy consumption and whatever emissions, if any, from engine tailpipes.

Uber Deals with Unforeseen Challenges

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Uber Technologies Inc. is a ‘transportation network company’ that since its founding in March 2009 in San Francisco, California through $200,000 in seed funding now operates in roughly 60 countries and 450 cities, and is valued, after its latest round of private financing in the spring of 2016, at $62.5 billion.

Today In Canada Six People May Die in Traffic Accidents

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Recently, the largest mass civilian shooting in US history dominated the news.  50 killed and 53 injured.  These results are record-breaking, but mass killing is so common—the list of the 25 deadliest dates from 1982— that, as the National Post wrote: “in a culture so numb to violence …despite this shooting’s awful


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