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Will Young Adults Continue the Tradition of Car Ownership?

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Car sales have been robust in the first six months of 2014. Despite its ignition switch recalls, GM’s US sales of cars and light trucks totaled 1.46 million, up from 1.42 million for the same period in 2013. Ford’s US vehicle deliveries declined by 1.9 percent, but Chrysler had a 12 percent increase in its US sales. US sales of Toyota’s Camry sedan rose 7.2 percent putting it on track for the 13th year as ‘the top-seller.’ And global car buying has matched the US trend with sales up 8% over 2013.

Skateboarders Declared to Be Outlaws

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Combined, skateboarding and longboarding have over 50 years of history. Once a fad they are now a mainstream recreational activity and method of daily—sustainable and fitness enhancing—transport, especially in urban areas. But they have invited a new level of attention in the past few years in various lower mainland municipalities —attention leading to regulation by by-law.

Speed Limits: Let the Motorists Decide?

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Over ten years ago, in the Spring of 2003, the BC Ministry of Transportation issued a Final Report on Posted Speed Limits and Speed Limit Setting Practices in British Columbia prepared by engineers at Wade-Trim, a Michigan-based professional engineering firm. The focus was on highway and not on municipal speed limits. The executive summary begins by setting out the following concepts, based on “years of experience and observation” fundamental to establishing realistic speed zones:

Public Transportation Becomes A Political Priority

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In early March 2014, Metro Vancouver residents were facing the prospect of having to choose in a referendum at municipal election time this coming fall between various options for public transit flowing from a defined regional transportation plan. There was, however, a very basic problem: the ‘plan’ definition was up in the air, as was the responsibility for it and the public transit options it generated.

Guilty Verdict in the Stopping-for-ducks Case

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On Friday June 20th, 2014, in a Montreal courtroom, after deliberating four days, a jury convicted Emma Czornobaj, 25, of two counts each of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death. The charges followed from a fatal crash in which a father and his daughter riding tandem on his motorcycle plowed into Ms. Czornobaj’s vehicle stopped in the left (passing) lane of a highway south of Montreal, and from which she had alighted to help ducklings crossing the highway.


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