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The Hazards of the Left Turn

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Left turns are hazardous.  Every licensed driver in every right-side drive jurisdiction in the world knows this instinctively and as a matter of learned driving skill.  Is it even possible to go through modern life without seeing an intersection crash involving a left-turning vehicle or, at least, the aftermath?

Saudi Women May Now Obtain Driver’s License

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In November 1990, in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, 47 Saudi women protested against an unofficial and unwritten but nevertheless strictly enforced injunction against what in all other countries in the world was then and remains a matter of course.  Their act of protest: they drove cars around the city in defiance of Sharia rules disallowing women—both Saudi and foreign—from driving.

VW Engineer Sentenced to 40 Months in Prison for “Diesel Emissions Fraud”

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Road Rules has been writing about the Volkswagen [VW] diesel emissions scandal from the time the story first broke in the fall of 2015.  Ten articles later —over close to a two year period— the first person prosecuted in the US in connection with the scandal has been sentenced on August 25th, 2017 by US District Court Judge Sean Cox in Detroit to 40 months in prison, a US$200,000 fine, and post release supervision.

The Diverging Diamond Intersection

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Adding the word ‘cloverleaf’ to the series ‘jughandle, hook, trumpet, and diamond’ should be the ‘dead giveaway’ that intersection design somehow connects them all.

Drunk Driving Cases. Technicalities and Loopholes

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Drunk driving is broadly condemned and approval for those charged “getting off on a technicality” in short supply. But for protection of our personal freedoms, drunk driving laws are necessarily highly technical, resulting in court decisions (and media reports of same) that often read like puzzlers.


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