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The Upcoming Gasoline Tax Referendum

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Modern technology has given us buttons, levers, knobs, and keys for performing most essential activities.  While gassing up has never been less physically demanding, if you are the least bit inclined towards reflection on the impact of buying gasoline…things get very complicated at the gas pump very quickly.  Gassing up in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia now may tend to focus us on political and philosophical issues related to taxation.

Is the Self-Driving Car Arriving Soon?

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Autonomous cars, also called self-driving cars are back in the news sounding and looking more likely than ever.

With Lower Gas Prices, More Motorists Can Now Afford a Road Trip

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If you decided to celebrate this Festive Season by staying home, news reports of record levels of disruption on the roads may suggest you made a wise decision.

Road user fees discussion continues

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In early November, the Amsterdam-based GPS producer TomTom released its 2013 ‘Travel Index’ ranking Vancouver as the most congested city in North America—more congested than Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York, ranked respectively at 2nd, 7th and 9th on TomTom’s ‘top ten’ list.

Driving in Countries Where the Rules of the Road are Ignored

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If you may be watching more television than usual over the next week or two, you may want to consider the two-season Canadian series Don’t Drive Here.  It’s a documentary on the Discovery Channel that is part travelogue and part ‘how to’ drive weird and often not so wonderful two-, three-, four- and more-wheeled vehicles in some of the most traffic congested, road-rules-free cities around the world.


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