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The Ford F-150 Pickup Truck gets an Aluminum Body

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Aluminum (or aluminium) is a chemical element—a metal—with the symbol AL and atomic number 13. It is the third most abundant element and the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. Of the Earth’s solid surface, 8% by weight is aluminum but its chemical reactivity tends to combine it with over 270 different minerals.

The smelting of the ore, bauxite is one of the most common methods of producing ‘primary’ aluminum. Canada is the third largest aluminum producer in the world after Russia and China—second and first—by a wide margin—respectively.

Break the Law in BC, and Maybe Lose Your Vehicle

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British Columbia is now one of the first two Canadian provinces to enact a civil forfeiture administrative process enabling it to seize the instruments or proceeds of unlawful activity, including motor vehicles.

Exploding Airbags?

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Takata Corporation is a Japanese based automotive parts company with production facilities on four continents. Founded in 1933 in Shiga Japan, in the early 1950s it began developing car seat belts then child restraint systems and, by 1988, airbags.

The Artist as an Automobile Designer

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Cars, computers, and glass have merged as a basis for artistic expression recently in the fanciful visions of designers involving the ancient paradoxical properties of glass — its fragility but also its strength. One explores the possibilities for glass fragility — a vision of the self-driving car as a bedroom on wheels under a glass dome inspired by the stained glass windows of Durham Cathedral in Northern England. This creation by artist/designer Dominic Wilcox was on display at the London Design Festival (September 13 to 21, 2014.)

The Confusing Roundabout

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We live in the ‘modern roundabout era’ the beginning of which reportedly started in 1963 in England when vehicles in intersection circles were first given the right-of-way. Prior to this change, entering traffic had the right-of-way, which, at high traffic volumes, tended to lock up the traffic flow.


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